Friday, July 6, 2007

What Brings You Here?

In the last post, Naima eloquently wrapped up why the members of TNS write. As the fireworks fizzle out and the confetti gets swept away, we’d like to know why you’re here.

Here are more than enough responses for, well, inspiration from the google side of things.

At first, I just expected everything to some variation of TNS or BJB like this one.

black justice blog

Then, I found that google can link to our posts as well and saw the topical come up every now and then.

taking it to the streets obama
obama imus
obama imus fired

Some a bit more revealing than others…

michelle obama emasculate white
michelle obama is liability

The ever popular Kelly Ripa still continues to dominate with her “performance of blackness”

kelly ripa chicken noodle soup

But some even gave me some cool ideas for potential posts.

timeline on the use of the word nigger

Then, of course, our interracial explosion. I wonder whose hands these searches belong to? Anyway, this is our most popular search item. Since we bust myths and crack standards at least they are coming to the right place. Unless it’s out of love…

ivy league educated black man interracial white women angry
bm/wf dating blogs
bm/wf dating
black-men white-women
black men dating white women interracial
black men women relationships race
interracial black women and white men
interracial-relationships whit
white female for black man
black female marriage rate 2007

A few on Naima’s favorite artists. (joke)

shakira looks white
beyonce white skin
women of colour bellydancing

And some really interesting ones on whiteness. I really feel this white consciousness movement happening. I just hope people like us provide a model for how to deal with historical and present trauma (by exposing it and examining it with a lens of truth and a plan for reconciliation with proper representation) instead of creating more soldiers for that other type of white consciousness (“white Christian male power structure”).

white people have no inhibitions
why I feel guilty being white
white people in business
can’t rely on white people
do white people feel guilty for being white?
White heteronormativity
White savior movies

Some searches made contradictory partners.

Hip hop does not desecrate black women
you cant turn a ho into a housewife hos don't act right the poet
standard of beauty african america tan butt lip

Others intrigued…

white girl rappers northern star
north african women photos


dave chappelle killing them softly if everyone was openly racist

and offended.

why chicken cross the road get away from black person

Others were truly out there.

mc solaar prose combat blogspot

Some asked questions where the answer is still out there.

what is true blackness
why are white people racist

It showed me that we were never alone in our concerns.

african poverty misery photos
photos of children portraying poverty in africa.
signifying power in africa.

black vernacular english global
Jamaican slang chu

freedom writers monologues
marcus garvey poetry in akeelah and the bee

And even in our language.

what does white supremacist capitalist patriarchy
American cultural hegemon

Inspired me for the coming weeks…

the servant problem and representations of black domestic workers
songs for our heroes

and asked questions both obvious

do rappers and basketball players value status symbols as success?

And puzzling.

Meaning of bring em out by ti

I hope each one found something in our pages. I certainly found something in their leap to the unknown. It might not have been what they were looking for, but I hope it was enough to stall just a moment and give a quick read to something before hitting that back button.

And you?


Anonymous said...


when i kept a blog of my summer in korea, searches about white male/asian women interactions("white man dating asian woman," "how to hook up with asian woman," and all sorts of terms based on the image of the submissive Asian female) were the most popular search item.

Anonymous said...

"white girl rappers northern star"

Guessing someone was looking for Northen State, the very problematic hip-hopsploitation group of suburban Jewish women from Long Island.

Anonymous said...

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