Thursday, June 18, 2009

Troy Davis! Sign the Petition!

I am sure you have heard about Troy Davis, the innocent black man who is on death row for a crime that he did not commit.

Please sign the petition:

You can get involved in many ways. The NAACP and Amnesty International are doing a lot of great work on this issue. Get in touch with your local NAACP or Amnesty International Chapter and see how you can help. There have been rallies, marches, and campaigns organized all around the country about this. Don't sit back and allow such an injustice to happen!

I am sure that there are some skeptics who would say that this is an isolated event, but it is not! Such injustices occur everyday within our judicial system. This case represents so much of what it wrong with the system as is. By standing up and making your voice heard, you are enabling change to occur.

You can also see what others are doing to raise awareness here at:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Diners Club and Mail Order Brides

Diners Club Offers Payment Plan for Vietnamese Brides (

Diners Club Ends Relationship with Mail Order Brides Service (

I saw this original link on Racialicious and it was updated with the second one. Basically a Diners Club affiliate partnered with Vietnamese Brides International to provide a payment plan option to purchase a mail-order bride with your credit card. It cost $167 monthly (interest-free ?!?) and you don't even need to make your first payment before you receive your new wife! And if you fail to pay for your wife, you didn't need to return her! There are other ways for the creditors to recoup their losses. (WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?)

This sickened me. I'm glad the concerned people of were able to alert Diners Club so that they terminated the relationship, but it's a scary world when you can purchase a human on credit.