Friday, July 20, 2007

The Plight of Afro-Latinos

A great 5-part series by the Miami Herald on the struggles of Afro-Latinos.

Here's a dope article by the well-known Puerto Rapper Tego Calderon: BLACK PRIDE - Latin America Needs Its Own Civil Right Movement Says The World-Famous Rapper.
*Note the subject headings of the NYP article at the top of the window... "Spanish Culture | Hispanic Culture | Latino Culture." Way to help the man out with his movement, New York Post. Can we get an African-diasporic culture? Maybe Afro-Latino Culture? What do we have to do to get some black up in there? And also, Spanish refers to either the language or the people of Spain. Since Tego Calderon is not discussing the culture of either of these, you must be using it as an ignorant term for Latino. Please refrain from this in the future, while also recognizing the global dimensions of the African diaspora. Thank You

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