Monday, April 2, 2007

Sequoyah invented the alphabet or something like that

I am a product of my environment. The particular environment I am speaking of at this moment is that of the schools I have attended. So I am a product of my eurocentric education.

My knowledge of the history of cultures outside my own is limited. Sure we all took US History but unfortunately the only black people mentioned in the book we were taught from were Martin Luther the King, some dude X-Man that hated white people, that one dude that got shot in the Boston Massacre, WEB DuBois, and that guy who they always say was hating on him. Well, I’m assuming MLK and X because we did not reach that part of the book. Something about nothing from those chapters would be on the AP test…I’m guessing because nothing that happened from that time period was important. I mean there’s something about this movement but it’s not like it changed the country or anything. My great greats (At least I think they were my great greats. We all look alike so it’s hard to tell) had a cameo in this one drawing in the book…but they were in shackles and I’m pretty sure they didn’t want to be there…not sure if that counts.

So why do people take classes on other cultures? If you want to learn about black history all you have to do is watch commercials during the month of February. I encourage you to watch corporations make associations that aren’t there.

I have this feeling that reading a few Wikipedia entries will not do any group justice (and that’s what we here at TNS are all about…or at least that’s what they tell me). So if someone ever has the audacity to ask you why you, a white person, are taking African American History or why you, a black person are taking American Indian History, tell them because the story is always different when told by the oppressed.


Anonymous said...

You GO!!

You absolutely took my breath away with this post. Totally unexpected, well written and a complete surprise at the end and OH SO True!

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