Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Violence in Somalia

Somalia has seen its worst fighting in 15 years , and, sadly, it's the result of American-backed Ethiopian interventionist forces' indiscriminate killing of Somalis. America's proxy war in Somalia demonstrates that America's interest in Africa only exists if it perceives some threat. Millions can die in Congo and Rwanda and hundreds of thousands in Darfur and Chad because, "unfortunately," there is no strategic interest there.

America is at "war with terrorism," but, for the government, this translates into a war with Islam. Only through such a racist conflation, one that is constantly made across American society, can the Somali Islamists have been feared at all to be the next Taleban. Clearly, American policymakers have no idea of Somalia as a country, for, not only is it extremely secular, but it has, even in its instability, rejected tempting Al-Qaeda and Wahhabi influences from across the Gulf of Aden. The Islamists were successfully able to unite Somalia, but now Somalia is crumbling as American and Ethiopian warplanes bomb "suspected Islamists." What does that even mean? Everyone is Muslim in Somalia, and everyone, I'm sure, has some political leanings. Are people being killed for their political allegiances or because they have a weapon in hand? While it doesn't ultimately matter which one it is, we do see a sad side of humanity when one need only be suspected of espousing a certain political ideology to not have his/her murder merit condemnation.

Help support Somalia and African sovereignty as they both are slowly being killed in this illegal war. If only America showed as much interest in poverty alleviation and health as they did in "suspected terrorism"...Muslim human beings can no longer be savagely dehumanized as essentialized tokens of terror worthy of Western annihilation. These are human beings, and in Somalia, Algeria, Palestine, Iraq, and in Afghanistan, innocent, peace-loving people are murdered everyday for being nothing more than Muslims.

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