Friday, February 1, 2008

Welcome to Black History Month

29 days.

Black History Month is, once again, upon us. We have added one more day to our month this year. We hope to add more and more days to a dialogue that, sadly, is far too short and much too ghettoized into simple narratives and stock film reels. We seek to change that this year with our own voices. Like all months, TNS strives to "write to right" and write to explore our own voices as we continue to grow and learn.

The list of some of our campus events are below. Come if you can. If not, I hope myself and others can do a little on-site blogging. Although I have not heard much regarding any special events outside of the campus this Black History Month, I am oddly hopeful that this one might be meaningful. Let's see where we are 29 days from now.

Feburary 2nd
Yale Gospel Choir Alumni Concert
7pm Afro-American Cultural Center

February 4th
African Cooking Planning Meeting
5:30pm Afro-American Cultural Center

February 7th - February 9th
Dancing in the Dark
a musical about the life of Bert Williams
8pm and 10:30pm Yale Cabaret

February 8th
Annual Black History Month Dinner
Keynote: Dr. Alexa Canady (first African-American female neurosurgeon)
5:30 Calhoun College

February 11th
African Cook-Off
6-8pm Afro-American Cultural Center

February 12th
Afropunk Screening and Discussion with James Spooner, Director
7-9pm Afro-American Cultural Center

February 14th
Shades Annual Valentines’ Day Concert
Midnight Location: TBA

February 15th
ViDhA, an event illuminating the lives of black women living with HIV/AIDS
7pm Lo Ricco Ballroom

February 15th
Staceyann Chin
6:30pm Afro-American Cultural Center

Feburary 19th
Here, Our Voices Presents: Professor Elijah Anderson
5:30pm Afro-American Cultural Center

February 23rd
Film Festival: “Black and Green - Land, Power and Sustainability in the African Diaspora
11am-4pm Afro-American Cultural Center

February 29th - March 2nd
Black Solidarity Conference (
“The Ballot or the Bullet” Featuring, Tavis Smiley

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