Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Quick link: Chicago cops taser black grandma

One of the first lessons I learned as a little kid in Chicago was to watch out for the cops: at best, you can expect total incompetence, and at worst, government-aided racist hate & violence.

So, I'm never surprised by how low cops, and specifically the CPD, can stoop.

Unless an 82-year-old grandmother is holding a loaded gun, there's no excuse for police officers to use a Taser.


Police allegedly used a Taser on 82-year-old Lillian Fletcher when performing a well-bring check at her home.

But that's what happened Oct. 29 when Chicago Police officers went to a West Side home to make a "well-being" check. The officers were responding to a request from the city's Department of Aging.

Continue reading Mary Mitchell's column on this...


clnmike said...

God damm what the hell is going on in Chicago? That is almost as bad as the Narcs down here in Atlanta who broke into a 90 year old womens house with a no knock warrent because they thoght she was running a trap house, She shot at what she thought was some thieves and the cops shot and killed her. The police are still up to there same old tricks.

Anonymous said...

cops pulled guns on me starting when I was 10

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