Tuesday, May 8, 2007


nbc seems to have pulled the other video off of youtube. thanks josh and camille for the note!


Camille said...

see, but I don't get why we would all be thinking that they were ugly. They go to college and they play basketball--that's all I know about them. They are not swimsuit models and they're not asking me out on a date, so whether or not they're attractive has never crossed my mind through this whole new story.

I also never got why people think DL Hugley is funny.

Melay said...

In an image- obsessed society that is still very much under the spell of the holy white aesthetic, there had to be people in the audience- as there are everywhere in this country- who thought that these women were ugly because they have physical characteristics that don't line up with the American standard. Let's be real here: not many of these women would have passed the paper bag test or the ruler test and thus, they found themselves under attack in the original incident.

What I find most interesting is that in that same incident, Imus notes that Tenessee's players, also predominantly Black, were "cute" I'm not sure what to make of that. Thoughts?

Brittani said...

Fun fact: Tennessee's team has make-up artists/stylists that make them up before games. As a team that is often in the spotlight they think it in their best interest to look good (publicity etc.). Basketball or not, sex still sells. It also seems to help protect them from ignorant comments apparently.

Melay said...

amazing. thank you for that brittani.

Adi said...

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