Saturday, May 5, 2007

kelly ripa does the chicken noodle soup

i have been looking for a clip of picaninny children dancing on youtube to put up alongside clips of young people shuffling to "chicken noodle soup" for comparison. since i could find no such clip, i decided to post this video of kelly ripa, bow wow, regis, and chris brown instead. i will not say anything about the video--- i am sure other folks will have plenty to comment about, from kelly ripa's "holla," to a youtube user's observation that kelly must have "been watching BET."


Joshua said...

Go to second 31 on the clip.
And listen to
our contradictions.
Don't really know what to make of them.
I screamed myself though.
More out of frustration, then fascination.

Anonymous said...

Ironic that the title of Bow Wow's new album is "The Price of Fame"...

apparently he paid the price of his dignity...

Adi said...

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