Sunday, December 13, 2009

Uganda in the News

Uganda has received a lot of attention from the international community surrounding two very controversial topics: female circumcision and homosexuality. I hate to clump such important issues under one post, but I just wanted to post these two links and ignite some discussion.

Uganda Bans Female Circumcision (Source: CNN News)

Uganda Bill Proposes Death Penalty for Gay Sex (Source: NPR)

Without question, most of the international community agrees with the passing of Anti-circumcision legislation. However, we must question the timing of this bill's passage. This topic has been debated for quite some time in Parliament- and its been stagnant for years. After working in Parliament this past summer, I am very shocked (happy, but shocked) because mot female MPs thought this battle would be fought longer. Without question, it is a tremendous victory--- but will it overshadow this issue of homosexuality in Uganda? Regardless of this recent "victory," we must continue to make noise and bring awareness about the anti-homosexuality bill that is up for debate. We must ask if this bill will be funded and executed properly. It is one thing to pass a bill, but its another thing to actually fund it. The Womens' Representatives rightfully capitalized off of this sensitive time in Uganda politics by pushing for women's rights. But will this measure be enforced? Is it going to be used to overshadow and ease anti-homosexuality legislation into passage?



Art said...

I believe it just might...especially when you think about the people here in the states who are advocates for the ending of female circumcision. From celebrities like Oprah to young adults on college campuses. You could find more people to stand up against the mutilation of young women than you will for the sake of homosexuals. When you think about it even with people like Ellen Degeneres
who are accepted after making their sexual orientation public it's still a touchy subject with us Americans.

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