Sunday, May 3, 2009

Obama's Swagga

Thumbs up to CNN for spending time enlightening it's viewers on a very important quality of President Obama, "swagga". The anchor, Kyra Phillips is absolutely giddy about her discovery that Obama has "swagga" and none of the other Presidents before him did. The white camera man also does not have "swagga". Shaft does though.

My fav line: Swagga, it's like swagger with a little more flava.

T.J. Holmes "swagga guru" (who knew?) broke it down: Obama goes to b-ball games and nice dinners, only black men have "swagga" and other black men "will look at" Obama's "swagga" and call him a "brotha". Hugging is a part of Black culture, everyone does it. That's why Obama is comfortable hugging people and that's why people love him. This "swagga" assessment takes place on Obama's 100th day in office; completely absent from this segment is any discussion of policy. The focus is on our President's "swag". Awesome.

The clips speak for themselves.

short and sweet:

a bit longer: