Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Can I talk to you?

I will be your cultural experience. I’m willing to let you get to know me and make assumptions about everyone of my race based solely upon my actions. And maybe what you saw on BET that one night when mother and father left you at home by yourself. I hope that what I have to offer is better than what you think of black people now. I mean…I’ll only be on the corner rapping with crack in my pocket, chicken in my teeth, and watermelon in my fingernails throwing up gang signs while spinning a rim on my left foot.

Some people have a problem with white people asking questions about their culture. I don’t. Because I know that if white people (The institution. Not you individually) didn’t run the country and I wasn’t as familiar with their culture (Which is for the most part just taking everyone else’s culture and deethnicizing it.), I would ask them more questions than I already do. What I have a problem with is you taking my story and applying it to millions of people. Mostly because I think of some of the black people I know. And if you met them and applied their story to me I would be maaaaaaad.

Can I tell you exactly how to familiarize yourself with black culture without getting snapped on or accused of being a racist in the process (Hint: Preceding or following any statement with “I am not a racist” is never good)? No. What I do know is you will not find it on BET. Nor will you discover the key to Black America through your one really really good black friend (ask Bull Connor). Music is definitely not the answer either. So what’s a whigga to do? Don’t just talk to a few black people here and there. Actually interact with different groups from different places if presented with the opportunity like they’re….I don’t know….people?

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